SCANIA 113H GRAIN V1.0.0.0

Hello! After a long wait, i'm finally able to release the Scania 113H Grain. I had some problems with it so i ended up making separate mods for the different bodies.

-For the mod to work properly you need to have SimpleIC
-Some of the configurations don't work together, that's not a bug.
-The only issue i know about is that when you select configurations/colors in the shop, the game freeze for 1-2 seconds. Sadly i have no clue how to fix this problem.
The mod is error free but if you find any issues let me know so i can fix them.

-Wheel configurations
-Color configurations (Cabin, Wheels, Body)
-Motor configurations
-Lights configurations
-Tuning configurations
-Decal configurations
-Beacon configurations
-Animated doors
-Animated windows
-Animated front panel
-Animated cabin
-... and more.


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-Model: figueroa -Converting and ingaming: Crownzilla

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