VAZ 2121 / LADA NIVA 1600 V1.0.0.0

VAZ 2121 / LADA NIVA 1600 is a Soviet / Russian car intended for farmers and all people who need an all-road car. As such LADA NIVA 1600 deserve to be a part of the game, complying to all present game standards. Car features:

- Full UDIM, wear and dirt textures

- Animated front and rear suspension

- Realistic looking lights using diffuse textures and latest Giants light technology

- Real engine sound - I have recorded the engine sound on my VAZ 2106. Although the model is different the engine is the same

- Working windshield wipers

- "Simple IC" support for the doors, hood, trunk and fuel tank lid with additional enter animation to the driver's door

- Selectable design - standard, hitch and hitch + roof luggage carrier

- Choice of custom body colors


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