EBERHARDT GAZELLE 750/11 - 750/13 V1.0.0.0

Price: 2200
Working Width: 2.2 - 2.5m
HP Required: 65HP

This is your everyday small cultivator but it has a few special features.

When working it starts to wear, but only the parts touching the soil will actually wear to bare metal, the rest will start to rust.
When parked the bare metal parts will also accumulate rust over time. When put back to work the parts touching the soil will become bare again.
Just like in real life ;)

When lowered the cultivator doesn't fall into the ground, instead it will pull into the ground only once you start driving.

You can also choose between different color configurations.

Other than that its your basic everyday small cultivator from the good old '70s.

modelleicher, Matt_KHD (Farming Agency)

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DOWNLOAD (4.0 MB, modsbase.com)