With this mod, the vehicle must be serviced every 30 engine hours or 36 days (with the Seasons-Mod, the day limit adjusts so that you have to service once per season (one year)). If you do not do this, the engine may misfire when you start it and the motor may cut-out if the engine load is too high.
To service the vehicle (by default: Ctrl + m), a pallet must be purchased from the shop. If you drive along side the pallet, the key appears in the help window and the vehicle can be serviced. Afterwards, depending on the configured time of the pallet (less time = higher costs for maintenance), you have to wait until the vehicle is ready for use again. For example during the harvest season, you can plan exactly when you don't need your vehicle and when you do.
The fs19 damage system has been modified so that when the vehicle reaches 30 engine hours ("maintenance required"), it is completely broken and can only be repaired by maintenance.


Price of the pallet: 500,-
Maintenance prices: 25.000,- (configuration 1) 20.000,- (configuration 2) 16.000,- (configuration 3) 12.000,- (configuration 4) 8.000,- (configuration 5) (Also mentioned in the description of the range)

--- Full multiplayer support
--- CONTACT/SUPPORT: [email protected]

Changelog Version
- Description adapted
- New icon
- Day limit adapts to the Seasons-Mod
- Engine may fail to start when starting the motor after reaching the limit
- Engine can stall if engine load is too high
- Bugs fixed when servicing several times
- No longer subtracts engine hours and age on first load
- Fixed a bug with "bulk buy mod" (pallet could not be bought)
- Fixed multiplayer problems

Changelog Version
- FPS problems fixed
- Dedicated server problems fixed
- Lamp light removed
- Description slightly adjusted
- Fixed bug where the button did not appear
- Fixed bug where the old state of the vehicle was not restored

Changelog Version
- Description adapted
- Fixed a bug where the button has still not appeared.
- The remaining time needed for maintenance is now saved and continued when re-entering the savegame
- Maintenance can now be done at any time
- Maintenance is now only necessary 1 time per season with the Seasons-Mod
- At the pallet it is now possible to configure how long it takes until the maintenance is completed. (Less time = higher costs for maintenance)
- Maintenance now costs a certain amount
- Damage system from the Fs19 now adapts to maintenance

Changelog Version
- Description slightly adapted
- Fixed error with machines that do not have a motor (for example: conveyor belt)
- Added translation for the configuration

Changelog Version
- Vehicle no longer needs to be selected to see the maintenance information and to service the vehicle.
- The engine cuts-off again correctly if the engine load is too high and another implement is selected than the current vehicle
- Multiplayer sync problems fixed
- Fixed multiplayer money problems
- Dedi problems fixed
- All equipment (except drivable) can now be repaired normally.
- Drivable vehicles can now no longer be repaired normally at all.
- Added blink text when servicing
- Damage now works correctly in combination with the Seasons mod
- Engine hours now count as a "damage maintenance" and days as an "interval maintenance" -- (damage only adjusts to engine hours)
- Engine can now no longer be started at all during maintenance

Ideas that may be included in the next update (how or if they are included is not sure):
- Adjustment of the damage at "Maintenance needed".
- Confirmation window if you really want to service the vehicle
- Adjustment of the pallets to better distinguish them from each other
- Individual adjustment of the maintenance price for each vehicle
- Price is also adjusted according to the damage/time left on the vehicle.
- Pallet is needed permanently for maintenance
- Adjusted damage can be deactivated
- Other small gimmicks


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