ZETOR CRYSTAL 12011 V3.0.0.0

Price: 12011 55000 €, 12011A 65000 €
Max. power: 120 hp
Max. speed: 30 kph

- add version 12011A (new tractor)
- drawing distance of tractor parts has been improved
- new colors have been added
- minor bugs fixed
- registration on the tractor has been added
- new icon (with version 12011A)

- The tractor was programmed from scratch
- Mirrors fixed
- New colors have been added
- Textures have been improved
- Sounds changed
- New wheels have been added
- New configurations have been added
- Loader console improved
- Animations have been improved
- Chair animation has been added
- Movable wipers have been added
- Rear hooks have been corrected
- Front hooks have been corrected
- Lights fixed
- Tractor weight was fixed
- New store and icon picture

Puszkap, Kasztan18, Voksel

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DOWNLOAD (21.9 MB, modsbase.com)