UAZ 469 V2.0.0.0

Description of Version 2.0:

– Reconsidered body overall dimmensions to closely match the size of the real life car.

– Added more options to choose for the design – with the simple IC you can choose how to make the car convertible and to select or deselect a roof luggage carrier.

– Added bonus content – 3 trailers: 1. Tipper with 1000 litters capacity can be found in trailers category; 2. Milk tank with 1000 litters cpacity can be found in Animals category; 3. Fuel tank with 1000 litters cpacity can be found in Miscellaneous category. All trailers are with UDIM, wear and dirt textures.

V 1.0:

– Full UDIM, dirt and wear textures

– Body color selection

– Tarpaulin cover color selection

– Rim color selection

– Fully animated front and rear suspension, including steering rods and cardan shafts

– Animated pedals

– Working wipers

– Realistic looking lights

– Simple IC support for the hood, doors and trunk. With the Simple IC the car can be made convertible (cabrio).

– Trailer hitch with electric coupling. Front bumper hooks can be used for attaching trailers also.


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