JMF SHOP V1.0.0.0

While waiting on stuff like truck parts, I've been working on finishing up this little gem.
Well used and lived in 40x56 shop. Stop by the garage fridge for a trigger that will spawn some beers for you and the boys. Static tractor being split for a clutch can be hidden by a trigger in the corner behind the tire, which will turn the space under the gantry into a working vehicle workshop. Go back to the corner to unhide the tractor.
All parts and pieces are from publicly released mods. Big thanks to all the guys who helped make this happen, 40x56 shop courtesy of CBJ Midwest, 4455 courtesy of oldiron1214, shop deco is a combo of widely used FS props, some parts from OK Used Mod's garage, with a thing or 2 from EMR's house.


JMF Modding

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