John Deere Gator Utility Model
-Modified the Gator to include Skidder Attachments and act as a utility vehicle for transporting bales/pallettes
and loading/unloading//leveling with the shovel
-UPDATE v1.3: More realistic suspension

-Skidder Attachments ROTATE with the V key (Lift)
From ground it rotates upwards to transport
This is not meant to attach to every single attachment

-Skidder AND Frontloader can now be attached but I have done this just to optimize the tools this vehicle is meant for. (see below)
-Upgraded Chassis and Suspension to increase stability under load
-Weight attachment at the back if you feel like you need it. (most likely won't)

High Dump Bucket - has hydraulics to dump the bucket, V to rotate upwards and drive

Bale Spike - Use V to rotate bales upright and drive
Bale Handler - Use hydraulics to grab bale


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