Another version of Vistula. The last of the regular updates.

Changelog v0.9:
-Added scythe animations
- Revised engine model
-Added a bagger
-Sacks have been added
-An animation has been added for turning on the combine
-Added lights
-Changed soiling of the combine
-New working and extinguishing sounds
- Improved grain animations in the throat.
-Removed the stand camera (Ability to change the position of the camera with the mouse)
-Added additions to the model (batteries, hoses etc.)
If you are translating description, cut this part off.

I was a bit overwhelmed by this project for the first mod and I would like to do it completely from scratch, but I don't have the time and strength to do it. In general, I give my consent to everything in advance. In fact, I would even be glad if someone decided to take over this Vistula and develop it. Perhaps I will dig something else with her sometimes. When it comes to Mod Hub, I did not know that the requirements are so high. Someday this Vistula on MH will be. I don't know when and I don't even know if it's by my hand. Thanks a lot to everyone who got involved in this project.

The Z018 / 0 (KZB 3B) self-propelled wheeled combine harvester is designed for harvesting and threshing cereals and rape. The Z020 / 0 (KZB 3R) combine can also be used for rice harvesting. These harvesters enable the entire mechanical harvesting of the above-mentioned plants.
Technical dаta:
Power: 65 KM, (kW)
Driving speed: 1.6 - 19.5 km / h
Capacity: 1750
Working width: 3.3 m
Working speed: 7km / h
-The forage harvester
-Air filter (factory / new)
-Tires (with / without / field tread)
-Tilt (covered / not)
-Color of the combine
-Color of filters / attenuator
-Engine Color
-The color of the Motoworks
-Rim color
- Cab color
- Ornaments
-Engine covers
-Tank (Tank / Bagging)
-Cabin door
-Engine Hits
-Tank hatch


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