Combine harvester of Taganrog combine plant SK-10 Rotor:
- Harvester removes the default culture, hopper capacity 6 cu. ft., 250 HP
- There is a choice of design: 1985 or 1987.
- Complete three grain harvesters:
ZHU-6 (capture 6 m), ZHU-7 (capture 7 m) and ZHU-8.6 (capture 8.6 m).
- You can choose from three coloring options, as well as side shields.
- There is a header for harvesting sunflower PSP-10 (you can clean and corn).
- Complete cart for transportation of harvesters.
- Works lighting and all animations of tension belts.
- Dirty and clean.

FS19 scholl, Shnurok, Relax.

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