Vaederstad Rapid A600-800S Tramline Edition

From the Swedish manufacturer Väderstad comes the pneumatic seed drill Rapid A600-800S.
Rapid is a seed drill that carries out seedbed preparation, levelling, drilling and reconsolidation in one pass.
This version also carries out fertilization if you so choose. If you drag the seeder lowered but not turned one
it's heavy crossboards and discs will leave a cultivated surface.

You can choose from the following models:
- Rapid A600S 6m Direct Seed Drill
- Rapid A800S 8m Direct Seed Drill

Each model can be equipped with any or both of the following options:
- Extra large seed tank (5000L vs 3100L)
- Extra Fertilization tank with Precision Control (1600L)

All models and versions have Tramline capabilities:
- Tramlines OFF
- Narrow Tramlines
- Normal Tramlines
- Wide Tramlines

This mod-version of the Väderstad Rapid has the following additions:
- Selectable width (6m or 8m) with additional skinned hoses and moving parts
- Connection Hoses to the tractor
- Fertilization with new fertilization tank and animated ladder at the rear
- Extension of the seed tank
- Additional rear working lights
- Tramlines with selectable width

Jens Ejvinsson

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