Hello community!
I have something nice for you.
A 4 ton rear weight that can be used very well for silo compaction.
Also for other work such as loading bales or other heavy items is ideal.
Trailers can be coupled to the built-in hitch, but unfortunately this is not permitted according to the Road Traffic Act.
But when parking in the yard nobody can say anything grin.

Drawbar for trailers
Work lights left / right
2 reflectors
tail lights
Reflectors in front and behind
Sale price:

Lacquered optics: 2,500 LsEuro
Concrete look: + 1,500 LsEuro
terus: + 1,500 LsEuro
Bavarian: + 1,500 LsEuro
grousbauer: + 1,500 LsEuro
Agriculture: + 1,500 LsEuro

This weight is not for weak tractors.
In order to move it and work with it, at least one middle class tractor is necessary.
If you want to see it in action before downloading, you should watch my videos or visit my twitch channel.


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