The wait is over!! I am glad to share with you all my first creation in Maya. I have build this mod from the ground based on pictures, youtube videos... From the very first vertex to its completion in GE.

I would like to thank Anthony for his patience... Ryan for his tips and test and in the end to you all for your support!

I hope you all enjoy it and please post pictures! Any issue report it here or directly to my via pm.

Like all nearly all modders out there I've done this project for free and I have invested a lot of time... like a lot of time... If any of you is willing to support my effort feel free to use www.paypal.me/pzonako :)

Finally the mod! There you have it and it's characteristics as follow:

Brand: Pitbull Dozer Blades
Model: 3050 Series for FWA Tractors (https://tubeline.ca/pitbull/front-wheel-assist-tractor-models.php)

In-game options:
2 Implements inside the mod:
D2X Frame Mount for FWA Tractors. Tractors supported:
Custom Modding John Deere 8R
Custom Modding John Deere 8RT
KarlFarms CASE IH Magnum US
KarlFarms CASE IF Magnum MX

Pitbull 3050 Series Dozer Blade
2 attacher options:
Standard factory D2X (compatible with the frame mount)
Configurations for extensions, side panels, top panel.


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DOWNLOAD (16 mb, Modsbase.com)