Version 9.5

Completely new l10 in German and English

Reduction of the file size to only 2.5MB

Lashing strap support removed

New store images

New thumbnail

New configurations of the LED rotating beacons

Co-steering axle in the wide design

XMLs and Moddesc completely revised once

I'll introduce you today the Snüfelstück.

This was already available from Tunewar in the LS 15

and I can make it available to you for the LS 19.


Price: 5,500 €

Maintenance: 0 €

Special feature: Complete hydraulic + trailer and low trailer hitch

as well as spigot shaft

Washable: Yes

Color choice: Yes

Light: Only 2x RUL

Helpful: Yes

GPS: not tested

Courseplay suitable: Yes

Intended use: See pictures and Modvorstellung

So now have fun

wish you

Cobra / MTL Modding Team

Modell: Tunewar / Edit: Cobra / MTL Modding Team Textur: Tunewar / Edit: Cobra / MTL Modding Team Idee / Konzept: Tunewar / Edit: Cobra / MTL Modding Team Tester: Cobra, Daniel und eine Person die nicht mehr genannt werden will !

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