The raven rotary harrow from the LS19 edited something.

Version 1.3.0
- Material adaptation of Zahnpackerwalze
- For tube bar roller color choice is now available
- added hose transfer point for pneumatic seed drills (needed to show the hose connection between front tank and pneumatic drills)

The drill-lift and an additional tooth packer roller were made configurable, furthermore a color or material choice was added to the Zahnpackerwalze and it was a socket for the use of electrically assisted attachments behind the harrow attached. Likewise, the excavation height was adjusted and the wear or soiling time shortened a bit.

Configuration options:
- tooth packer roller with choice of color or material (Rabe blue, black, stainless steel)
- Tube rod roller
- Drill-lift

Model adjustments:
- Electrical connection attached
- reduced soiling and wear time
- catch trays and top link ball attached

Always nice to work with headland

-Giants -MB-Trac_Power

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