FS19 Goliszew v1.0.0.0
Welcome to the map of Goliszew. Fields large, medium and mostly small. Labyrinth of farmland before you buy check how to get there and what equipment will be needed in these fields. Many ditches in the fields and by the roads,interesting terrain on the map,traffic and pedestrian traffic. The map has errors in the log but does not interfere with the fun.I'm working on removing them.
Tested functionality and operation of facilities, transport missions, farmers'; missions

Change v1.0.1

Improved farmlands, now more consistent. Fields separated from the farm.
The functionality of the new crops has been improved. Now it makes sense to produce them. We have a wider range of nutrition.
-clover as green fodder. It's only cut by a chaff cutter.
-alfalfa only conversion to grass and hay. It's only cut by lawnmowers.
-Seed and silage millet (green cut)
-spelt added as feed for animals without sheep
-rye may be given to hens, cows and horses.
-clover for cows,horses and sheeps.
-carrots for cows and horses.
-beets for cows.
Fixed minor graphic errors.
4 errors in the log were fixed.
The silos now have the correct names.
Feed silos and warehouses accept the right feed.
Root silos work properly and accept root plants and vegetables.
A silo (barn) was added to store grass, clover, hay, straw, hops, tobacco and wood chips.It is located on a square with a stable and a sheepfold.
The cowshed has been repaired, set up correctly.
Fixed the animation of the vegetable harvest with combine harvesters, the textures are displayed correctly.
Fixed some triggers showing errors.

- Mowing clover with lawnmowers is conversion to grass
- While mowing the chaff cutter we have clover for green fodder (sheep, horses, cows) clover.
- When mowing alfalfa, the chaff cutter is converted to fresh grass.
- When mowing alfalfa with a lawnmower, the lawn is also mown with a lawn mower.
In both cases we have 3-4 times more green fodder than grass.


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