- Now you can sell the animal stables in the New Farmer mode.
- Now you can sell silage in the haystack.
- Added Bunker for silage in the cowshed. (Need to start new game)
- Several buildings were removed.
- Several animated objects have been added as doors to access several points of sale, with opening and closing hours in some of them.
- Several map areas have been fenced.
- Corrected the error of the Great Demands.


- Two new translations were added. French and Italian.
- The cultivation of the "Alamo" was added, by mistake it was not on the map. This in turn meant that trees could not be planted. Now both are available.
- Now you can sell and buy the buildings of the farm, some separately. (Consoles Version)
- You can now sell and buy farm silos and storage silos. (Consoles Version)
- Some small errors were corrected, like the odd building in the air.
- In the "New Farmer" mode, it is not necessary to start a new game, but I recommend it. (Consoles Version)
- Add BaleTrigger for wood chip bales in the Carpinteria and the Sawmill
- Fixed the waterPlane.
- It is now possible to load free water south of the main farm.
- The invisible collision that was found in the farms of cows, pigs and sheep was eliminated.
- Now it is possible to sell the straw in bulk, both in the Haystack and in the Sale of Straw and Hay.
- Some trees without any function outside the map have been removed.
- Fixed Navigation Mesh in the horse stable. Before riding a horse, you appear half stuck in the ground, now "should" go well.
- Several points of sale have been adjusted.

- All animals are incorporated into the map, but you can add and place your own animal pastures anywhere else on the map if you wish.
- The main farm, along with the farm house can be sold so you can build yours instead.
- 8 points of sale of grain, 1 sawmill, 2 BGAs and independent outlets distributed by the map where we can sell all the remaining products, sugar cane, beet, potatoes, milk, wool, cotton, eggs, logs of wood , of course the animals and the grass and straw.
- 3 large forest areas.
- Several free water collection points.
- Animated doors that give access to the farm.
- 57 affordable land with a variety of sizes.
- The old Farm Countryside includes all the features of Farming Simulator 19.
- Indicator posters.
- Traffic included. (It will be increased in the final version)
- Multi terrain angle ready (available only for PC / Mac version)
- Custom lighting engine. (Subject to change)
- Customized transportation missions and field missions.
- When using the tool to modify terrain and textures, add grass along with any of the 4 grass textures implemented on the map
- Remember that both the farm, with all its complements, and the animals will only be available starting the game as New Farmer, the first of the three available options.
- This is version is beta, so the map is still subject to changes and modifications. Along with the possible errors that you can find.

- This map is a conversion of the version for Farming Simulator 17 much improved and with many hours of work. I hope it is to your liking and enjoyment.

Shaba FS

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