Hof Bergmann Map in version, this version is Patch 1.4 Ready

- Giants bug fixed, helper couldn't spread compost (you have to put fertilizer on buy) (Thanks to Ifkonator)
- Straw yield reduced, was set too high
- Different names for weaving adapted.
- Milk cans Cow pastures fixed, should now Spawnen neatly
- Missing l10n translation added to some purchase silos
- Traffic spline fixed shortly before cattle trade

New features/changes:
- Map now uses its own XMLs for localization (simplifies translation) Languages already included: German, English, French and Polish
- Handling of potatoes and wood chip sacks slightly improved
- GUI text for Reset Vehicles modified. Alt: "The vehicle/device has been reset to the dealer! New: "The vehicle/device has been reset to the yard! (Thanks to Ifkonator)
- Greenhouses are now also accepting compost
- at the Raiffeisen and livestock dealer, purchase of feed and grain removed (this led to price chaos when selling)
- Selling price for Compost slightly increased

- Gator extended with a small grid attachment, the whole thing was realized by cover and has the purpose that objects like potato sacks are no longer automatically overloaded.

- Gator trailer extended by a new configuration, now a grid construction can be chosen, fulfils the same purpose as the Gator grid construction.


Translated with

Farmer Andy and Ifkonator

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