65 fields

Productions (flour, pellets, compost, grain cleaning, seed production, feed for pigs etc)
There are animals
There are several mods in the map: workshop, garages, gas station, house, grain warehouse, barn, silo pits.Added new crops - carrots, onions, rye, bread, refined grains, cereal waste, compost, bran, sugar, flour, pellets;
Installed additional sounds.

Changed in 2.5:
1. Adapted to Season Mod
2. Added production:
- Flour Mill
- Sugar Factory
- Grain Plant
- Bakery
- Oil Extraction Plant
- Grain cleaning
Plants are purchased and activated with the purchase of a plot. Also note that there is a trigger for sale and a trigger for production!

Changed in 2.5.4:
1. Increased volume at train transhipment stations to 500,000
2. Train speed increased to 120 km / h
3. Reduced traffic speed
4. Added additional points of sale of cotton, seeds and wool
5. Replaced crop icons
6. Fixed translation DE
7. A conveyor is installed at a sugar factory
8. Fixed a couple of texture errors
9. Minor bugs fixed

You can continue to play on the old save file.

Changed in 2.5.5:
- Adapted for season mod v1.1.0.0;
- The base is slightly rebuilt;
- Added and replaced some objects;
- Minor corrections.

ixoL, Aleksey Potanin

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