This is a converted map from the 17s

Hello dear community, the time has finally come

The Franken map is now also in the LS19.

The Franconia map is a small but nice map with 61 fields and a par. There is a BGA, a farm, 2 villages, a contractor and a dealer. At the BGA there is still a small sheep pen.

In the yard there is a grain silo where wheat barley rapeseed corn oats sunflowers soybeans potatoes straw grass hay chips pork feed manure fertilizer.

In addition, there is a driving silo and a cow and pigsty in the yard. There are several speed cameras on the map that can be switched on and off at the yard.

There are 8 points of sale on the map. :): thumbs :: thumbs:

Please UNPACK the map and drag the mods in it into the mods folder.


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DOWNLOAD (576 mb,