Welcome to Babrosty.
Map have:
2 farms:
- Small with chickens and pigs
- Medium with cows
- Buying animals
- 2 selling stations
- Selling milk, bales, wood, shavings, cotton
- Buyable lime
- Vehicle traffic
- Pedestrian traffic
- Ground angle
- Several stages of plant growth
- Open gates - on the mouse button
- New crop textures
- New windrow textures
- New ground textures
- New tree textures
- Header and windrow animation
- New appearance of bales and cubes
- Accelerated vehicle traffic
- Water drawing point
- Manure in cowshed
- 42 fields
- 5 forest
- 60 lands
- Fallow lands
- A lot of dirt roads
- Collisions on all models
- Flat and hilly terrain
- Small, medium and large fields
- Approx. 80% mapped area from reality Changelog:
- New terrain textures
- Seasons mask added
- Grass painting added
- Weeds corrected
- Corn clipDistance has been improved
- Placeable buildings has been improved - smooth the area before setting up the building!
- Land prices has been improved
- Ground angle removed
- Added new wood gate sound Changelog:
- Fields fixed
- A few changes with textures Changelog:
- Fields and vehicle movement has been improved
- New PDA added
- Seasons masks has been added for bushes and buildings
- New soil and terrain textures has been added
- Two new roads and two new fields has been added
- Interactive zones has been added
- The map lighting has been changed
- Farms removed. New ones will appear in the next update.
- The textures of the road, wheat, barley, rapeseed, oats, straw swath, straw bales and corn stubble were changed
- Initial land changed
- Multi Terrain added
- Terrain painting added


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