Welcome To Oak Hill

Welcome to Welcome To Oak Hill which is a fictional map based round areas of wales & england
- New crops Rye & alfalfa
- Animals that are included 2 x cattle yards with custom made barns,Sheep farm with custom made barns 1 sheep field plus Pigs with custom made barn.
- full seasons supported.
- precision Farming supported
- Real life fendt & massey dealer shop.
- 1 x custom build farm house by my self { with out trigger } player can import there own sleep trigger
- There is 123 fields ranging from small to medium.
- 3 selling points including BGA..
- 8 farms including animals.
- Custom transport missions and 82 field missions.
- Custom soil textures, distance, grass, ground textures.
- Custom lighting.
- Animated objects.


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DOWNLOAD (546 Mb, ModsBase.com)