Welcome to an edit of Felsbrun, and my first mod: FelsEdit. The map is made for placements. (No buildings etc. is in the map, you have to find what you would like to use for youself).
You start with nothing, except a car in every game mode. Game mode easy you have some fields and placement area.
It started off with an edit I made to myself. But then i realized, why not upload so other people can enjoy it.
It has taken me 2 month to make this edit. I have played many hours from FS15 - FS19. And used many mods.
So here is a little contribution from me, Noob Similar, to the community. (Giants dosen't accept map edit of their basgeame map on their site, so i posted it here at forbidden-mods.de instead) Anyway.

Here is the information:
Vers - Deleted the farmland id for the whole sellpoints area from port A to port B and the sea area. So if you have accidentally bought that big area.
Please sell it before you use this update. It is just one farmland. Because those sellpoints should'nt be buyable. Sorry for the inconvenience.
This will be the last update, if there isn't some game changer in the future. Kind regards :thumbs:
Vers - Correct store image Potato/Sugarbeet pallet maker
Vers - NO new save game required.
- Fixed invisible fence collision between BGA and PortA in the road.
- Lowered fences around port area.
Vers - New save game required.
- Denser forest areas.
- lowered some trees
- correct Seasons temp. on cotton etc.
- OIl slick Decal lowered at petrol station east.
Vers - Fixed Issue with planter and fruit type: Miscanthus. + The map has "Straw Addon" with it.
Vers - Missing store image for FBP 3135 and SW 4014 adjusted.
Vers - Hotfix: Now. correct FruitDestructions. (Sorry for the inconvenience)

Main Features:
- Precision Farming ready by Giants Software.
- Maize Plus Forage and HorseExtension ready. With every new fruits made into the map. by The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher
- Seasons ready. by Realismus Modding
- 128 Heighttype-Limit. Tutorial by Derelky
- 32 More Terrain Angle. Tutorial by [Team LTW] kingkalle.
- AddBalesToWrapper by Ifko[nator] edited by bgo1973
- FillTypeMover by Farmer_Schubi
- 8 paint mode extra, some DecoFoliage, GrassDense, and bush etc.
- Every fields edited to resembel more in the real life.
- Some fields is made easy to put together. (some trees may be in the way)
- I have made completely new Pda map.
- 9 natural placement places.
- You have also have at your disposal edited Grimme, Holmer and Ropa, the big machines to harvest carrot and onions, look under the "vehicles" menu "Potatos" and "Sugarbeet" harvesters. And the same in "Items" menu.

Main edit:
- Railsystem removed.
- 2 sellpoint removed.
- Castel are removed, and even out the mountain for new fields.
- Sawmill moved to the harbor in the north.
- The mountain where the Sawmill was, has been even and flatten out for new fields and forest area.
- Flatten out the hill to the east.
- Even out every fields made it less hilly.
- Made a new sellpoint for all fruits, in the north where the rail silo was.
- Lowered every fruit sellpoints platform closer to the ground.
- Removed 2 transportmissions.
- Adjusted sound from the river and birds according to the new height.
- Edited farmlands according to new areas.
- TipCollision adjusted.
- Seasons adjusted.
- Dof disabled in Seasons.
- ClipDistance reduced.
- Bridge pack. by The Iseki Friends.
- No collision road sign.
- DescVersion 53.

Note Presicion Farming:
I don't know this for sure but, if you are going to check/buy fields in menu PDA. Make sure your out of "work mode windows" in Presicion Farming.
Those windows can be a little sensitive. I belive, not 100% certain , that you can get error/Lua "Farmland" problems on mod maps. When shifting through
windows too fast. Again not 100% certain-

And of course. A very big thank you to all the wonderful modders, and contributor of all the Tutorial's out there in the Web, and espeacially to those I have incorporated into the map.
The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher, Realismus Modding, Derelky, [Team LTW] kingkalle, Ifko[nator] edited by bgo1973, Farmer_Schubi, The Iseki Friends,
to the modders around the Web, for the big harvester edit of Carrot and onions and Giants Software. A very BIG thank you to you all.
This is probably my only mod. But I will follow if there is some game changing things, and maybe implement it to FelsEdit,
Hope you all have a wonderful day/night etc.
and Many kind regards Noob Similar.

Noob Similar

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