Today I would like to present you the Falkenhausen V2 Beta, because we had difficulties with the first release despite testing, today we can say, have fun with this very nice map.

Version Falkenhausen V 2.1 Beta

We built a few more productions and we made the V2 completely clean,

and gradually rebuilt everything.

For V2 Beta, a NEW Savegame is required.

Support is only available in our Discord.


There **must** be 6 farms created

Farm 1 must be purchased with the first farm created,

Farm 2 must be bought with the second farm created, etc.

**if this is not done, the FarmIDs are not correct as intended!**

Yard 6 (land trade) has been obstructed by the following productions:

Seed production

fertilizer production

Plant Protection Production

Acetic acid production

Urea production

Other productions

Little Sawmill

Pallet production

Stationary woodchipper

barrel production

Wooden box production

Plywood production



honey production

heating power plant

The map is a beta version and is always under development, if you find bugs or have other things then feel free to write us.

This map may not be published under any other name (link).

Have fun team Falkenhausen

Vorab schon mal ein danke an folgende Modder für die freigabe: Falk66_Modding ZoddelZockt-Mods CJ Farming / CJ Systeme

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DOWNLOAD (942.6 Mb, Modsbase.com)