The map is adapted to the Odenwald, therefore not a real replica.

Update 1.0.1

- Adapted sales points

+ Mill

+ Land trade

+ Ledli

- Deco cars moved

It's for people who love to play with small to medium-sized tractors. 3 courtyards, 1 shop, 1 BGA, 1 carpenter (wood sales) and 3 points of sale can be found on the map.

(Attention, latest version here)

This is my first "Odenwälderlande" map that I have built.

It is a single ticket WITHOUT production, Seasons and Mais +

The plan is to convert the card into the LS22. So no seasons yet.

Hope you like it, I've put a lot of effort and hope I can make some of you happy with the card.

I would be very happy to receive feedback :)


Map Discord: Ancient Realms


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Participation in the map:

If you have any idea about mapping, you like the map and you want to contribute more, please write to me on Discord =)


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DOWNLOAD (291.7 Mb, Modsbase.com)