The map "Yagodnoye Village" was created on the basis of a real place based on the village, where the author was born and raised in the Perevozsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The card has: - 124 purchased land plots; - Three bases; - 65 fields; - 2 BGA; - 16 productions; - Forest; - Missions in the fields; - Animated doors and lights; - Dynamic textures of the earth; - Lots of points of sale; - Varied terrain; - Precision farming; - Support for the "Seasons" mod. Changes: v3.0.5: - The main and most important change - the edges of the fields are corrected. Thanks a lot to Roman Kleschev! - Conservation. There are two options: 1. We leave the old save, but the fields in your possession will remain unchanged, the fields that are not purchased will be gradually updated; 2. Start a new game. v3.0.4: - Minor changes regarding objects on the map and other edits; - At the feed shop with. Berry added the ability to produce feed for pigs; - Fixed carrot textures. Unpack the archive! The archive includes: - Map; - Additional climate for the "Seasons" mod.

Алексей Потанин

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