Matopiba Map

- It counts with 2 sales of grains, cooperative lizard, pioneer.
- Sale of bales, wool, cotton.
- A lumber yard for sale of logs and wood chips.
- A BGA where you can sell your silage.
- Contains 4 points of capture of water identified with icons on the map.
- The main farm has almost no buildings, so the yard can be freely and creatively designed yourself.
- Sale of potatoes, beets, milk and eggs will be made in Matopiba market.
- Sale of milk will also be made in supreme milk.
- Limestone mine where you can pick up the limestone with your favorite truck or trailer and there is a challenge on the way.
- Restaurant where you can sell potatoes, beets, eggs.
- Sugar cane mill where you can sell your sugar cane and beet products.

Have a nice game!

Lostgamer/granjeiro/Vergamini Modding

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