A modern garage. One Version can be used as a Garage, and the other comes with an integrated silo system.
- Purchase price: 70.000€
- Daily upkeep: 25€/day
- Wheat, barley, oat, canola, corn, sunflowers and soybeans can be stored here.
- The total capacity of the silo system is 100,000 liters.
- Unloading in the passage. Please note, because of the ceiling height, its better, only to tip to the side, not to the rear.
- Loading takes place under the pipe in the left area of ​​the garage
- All gates are animated. In addition, the lighting inside and the floodlights on the outside can be switched on
Version -First Release
- improved: New AO and Gloss Texture for better lightning effects
- new: second version of the building, but without a projecting roof
- new: two seperate versions of the buiilding, which can be used for parking your Machines inside


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