In this potato factory, potatoes are processed into 3 other products.

Together, the mods in this pack are now the potato factory and the cardboard factory
Changes to the potato factory:
Lights have been added and visual cardboard pallets have been placed under the roof.

These 3 products are Sortedpotatoes, Baked Potatoes and French Fries,and can later be sold at different locations / dealers. The acquisition cost for this building are € 175,000 and daily operating costs of € 500 are due.Please note that in order to manage this production it is necessary to add other mods because on the one hand empty pallets, cardboard boxes and sunflower oil are required. For sortedpotatoes you only need potatoes and empty pallets. For the baked potato you need potatoes, empty pallets and cardboard For french fries you need potatoes, empty pallets, cardboard boxes and sunflower oil
Capacity - 500000
Prize - 175000
Upkeep - 500

Modell: [DLSTL]Bjoern Textur: [DLSTL]Bjoern Script: [DLSTL]Bjoern Idee / Konzept: [DLSTL]Bjoern,Marc Tester: Marc,[DLSTL]Bjoern Sonstige: GlobalCompany Script mit drin danke für diesen tollen Script.

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