Holiday Home Shed

Wooden Shed as holiday home, farm house or decorative object.
Have you always wondered what can be found in the numerous wooden huts that are scattered around most maps?
With this mod, the secret is revealed: At least in some of these wooden huts you will find a fully furnished walk-in holiday home with all kind of amenities and the possibility of generating a passive income.
However, this mod does not transform the huts standing around, but you have to buy and place a new hut in order to benefit from the renovation.
I built the medium sized wooden hut from scratch, made it accessible and furnished it. BTW: the sofa is a murphy bed.
In this mod you also find a version of this hut to use as your own farm house or just for fun as a decorative object.
Hut as holiday home: 10k - passive income: 100/80/60 per hour
Hut as farm house: 10k
Hut as decorative object: 2k


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