Use keys to quickly have the vehicle camera;
- peek left/right, rotate 45°/90°
- look forwards/backwards, zoom in/out

Or when player is 'on foot';
- rotate 45°/180°
- running even faster (mouse-wheel up/down when in 'run' mode)

Additional free moving camera available, 'AI-Camera', when vehicle is controlled by hired worker.

- [KNOWN ISSUE] QuickCamera keys will at times 'get stuck / not work' been in menu-screens and returning to vehicle. To 'unstuck' the keys, move mouse a little, when in the vehicle.
- [KNOWN ISSUE] Leaving a hired-worker-controlled vehicle with the 'AI-Camera' active, then when the hired worker stops, the camera might switch back to this vehicle.
- Some translations are probably wrong

- Added "restore on game-load, vehicle-cameras settings for; last used, pitch and zoom"
- Moveable cabin camera (experimental, default set to unassigned input-key)


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