With this mod you can push materials when your shovel is full filled. The material is then spread out into space as if using leveler.
-mod is global and function is added to all shovels vehicles / tools
-you can open settings menu in game where you can change all parameters of leveler
-mod creates xml config file in your game folder for each vehicle where you can change these parameters too
-you can activate / deactivate mod functions for current vehicle (these setting is saved in xml config file and will be loaded for each vehicle in all savegames)
-you can enable / disable F1 help (saved as global in xml config file)
-position of settings menu can be change in xml config file
-all controls can be set in your Inputbindings

KEY_lalt KEY_KP_enter - open settings menu
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_multiply / KEY_KP_divide - menu down / up
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_plus / KEY_KP_minus - change selected value in menu
KEY_lctrl KEY_r - show / hide F1 help controls
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_enter - turn on / off mod functions for current vehicle (not show in F1 menu)

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comment or to [email protected].


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