This mod adds some quality of life improvements to make clearing trees with a chainsaw a little bit easier, but still retains enough realism to deserve the payment for selling the wood. The chainsaw can now grind stumps, and the 'super-strength' mode also grants the ability to completley delete trees.

**NEW** control method to toggle super strength:
- Hold down ALT key for temporary strength
- Double tap ALT key to toggle super strength on/off

- Targeting marker to identify chainsaw aim point at all times
- Easily destroy small pieces of wood, similar to removing superfical branches
- 2x faster chainsaw cutting
- 2x increased chainsaw range
- 2x increased object pick up range
- Cut trees anywhere on the map, even on land that cannot be purchased (e.g. the shop)
- Display mass of viewed objects in F1 menu
- Toggle 'super-strength' using ALT and increase brightness of targeting overlay to indicate when active
- Super strength is adaptive (5x held object mass)
- Chainsaw can remove stumps (grind for 3 seconds)

v2.0.0.0 - Implemented double tap key press to toggle strength
v2.0.1.0 - Removed ring selector from some other hand tools
v2.0.2.0 - Added support for electric chainsaw mod
v2.0.3.0 - Fixed a bug where super-strength key binding was lost


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