Courseplay is a mod for Farming Simulator 19. It fills your game with a complete new AI worker system, allowing you to hire help in a completely new & amazing way!

When using Courseplay you can set up help all around your farm, they can help you with regular field work, unloading your combine, sell harvest or just drop it in your silo. Need help filling a bunker? have Courseplay help you!
You can have loads of worker driving around your farm automatically helping you out. With a little tweaking, Courseplay can fill a bunker or a trailer with a shovel, level and compact silage and much much more...
Make your own fully automatic farm that fits your play style perfectly!

Courseplay does not replace the in game worker system, it makes a new AI worker that can run side by side with your regular farm workers.


- Countless fixes for SP and MP.
- Enabled debug channels for non-developer version.
- Mode9 course simplified, now only needs a wait point at the unload position.
For more details, check GitHub or website.
- Ropa Maus5 now works in Mode9 (Start, drive a bit forwards and stop).
- Food mixer now works in Mode9.
- Mode10 now change its work mode based on the attached tool.
- Shields can now be attached at the front (also for vehicle with turned cabin).
- Shield and shovel work width is now calculated automatically and better visual when change the value.
- Search radius in Mode10 is now visible when changing the value.
- Mode2 can now be used with AD.
- Some Mode2 tweaks.
- Better pocket handling for combines.
- Follow chopper through turn is now better and faster.
- Tool position can now be saved in Mode8, for combine and sugarcane trailer.
- Sugarcane trailer can now be used to overload in Mode3.
- Course generator settings are now saved in the vehicles.xml.
- Fuel save improved.
- Modified the SiloDriver to drive back less to prevent pushing chaff out of bunker.
- Fixed HelperLimit.
- Display full vehicle name.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use AutoDrive with Courseplay, you need the newest AutoDrive Version from GitHub! (Version or higher)


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