This mod increases motor RPM when using hydraulics tools (moving tools), tipping, unfolding, lifting or rotating implement etc. and show RPM Hud.
-RPM increase to these values by default:
-movingTools - minMotorRpm + 15%
-tippings - minMotorRpm + 40%
-folding / unfolding - minMotorRpm + 30%
-lifting / rotating implement - minMotorRpm + 30%
-folding / unfolding pipe - minMotorRpm + 10%
-you can set work RPM for any action in your VEHICLE XML file (see readme.txt in zip)
-you can deactivate increasing RPM for any action and it will be saved in your savegame for each vehicle
-RPM color switch to red when rpm reach 80% of maxMotorRpm

-deactivate workRpm for tipping - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_1"
-deactivate workRpm for folding - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_2"
-deactivate workRpm for rotating - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_3"
-deactivate workRpm for lifting - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_4"
-deactivate workRpm for movingTools - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_5"
-deactivate workRpm for pipeFolding - "KEY_lctrl KEY_KP_6"

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comments or to [email protected] and i will fix it in next version.

kenny456, Xentro, Webby

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