I thought as the Farming Simulator series is 10 years old now and during these 10 years there were made many good MTZ and Belarus tractors by creative modders, I should gather them for you and make them available in one big complete pack in the Farming Simulator 19!
Among them there are many popular, lost or believed to be missing pieces, edited versions made by me and many other beautiful models.
I tried to bring them to the level of FS19 compared to themselves so they could keep up with the other mods for the game. Seat suspension, animated windshield wiper, animated pedals, dashboard lighting, variable weights, variable wheels, etc.
I hope you find joy in it if I have had so much work to make this happen as complete as it is.
Thank you for your positive feedback after watching the trailer, have a good game!
Special thanks to creator of the great trailer too!Hi from here Warlock!
Thanks to those as well who helped in the making of this pack.
Thank you for your attention.

Pack content comprises 50 tractor.

Types of these:
MTZ 550
MTZ 552
MTZ 80
MTZ 82
Belarus 80.1
Belarus 82.1
Belarus 820.1
Belarus 820.2
Belarus 820.4
Belarus 892.1
Belarus 892.2
Belarus 920.1
Belarus 920.3
Belarus 952.1
Belarus 952.4
Belarus 1025.1
Belarus 1025.2
Belarus 1025.3
Belarus 1025.4

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