WEIDEMANN 1770 CX50 FIX V1.1.0.0

This is a Weidemann 1770cx50 the Pics by Jannik, PrivatPrivat, Zocker_Stuebchen, Marcbecker6713 and @ [AM] Bueno from the Ls17 convention. 17 modders: @Plugz

Version 1.1 fix
- Lights go on with everyone
- Dynamic Hoses have been added
- The speedometer was animated
- Hood was cut out and engine was installed
- Joystick was animated and pedals too
- Color choice has been added
- Double tires have been added
- Beacon has been added
- Shovel bow has been fixed

With this small wheel loader you can do small front loader work.

@Plugz Pics_by_Jannik_,Zocker_Stuebchen, PrivatPrivat, Marcbecker6713 und [AM]Bueno

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DOWNLOAD (10 mb, Modsbase.com)