John Deere 8R 2016-2018 Series EU v2

- 36 wheel configurations: single, double, triple, wide, float and track;
- 2 configurations of the SoucyTracks system;
- All configurations of the 8R series motor (2016-2018);
- 3 Starfire configurations (NO / 3000/6000);
- 5 front linkage / counterweight configurations;
- 3 rear linkage configurations;
- 4 configurations of signal horns;
- 2 configurations of the model: 2016 and 2018;
- 3 configurations of safety sign and lights;
- 4 wing configurations;
- 2 additional configurations of working lighting;
- 4 configurations of beacons.

Addons and new things from the authors of the mod:
- Support for the "SimpleIC" script;
- Fully realistic displays with all new turn-on animations, numbers and animations for HUDs and dashboards (rotating turn-on circle, separate monitor indicators for turning and working in place - the first animations of this kind in FS19!);
- Updated interior + Foldable GPS monitor with script display;
- New discs;
- Working independent suspension ILS;
- Mouse control to raise the suspension;
- Inclusion of animation with separate lights and dashboards on monitors;
- 3 Starfire configurations (NO / 3000/6000) with GPS monitor (separate TurnON animation and programming);
- UDIM on all additional parts;
- CB Radio (UDIM);
- Realistic gears, motor scale and breaks;
- Attacher connections for all tanks and equipment;
- Side lights work only when they are deployed;
- Folding side lights;
- HD quality decals and stickers;
- All relevant safety labels (stickers) including the interior;
- Fixed all dashboard animations;
- Real values ​​in xml;
- New, real sounds;
- The best lighting effects;
- Fixed foliageBiding for all wheel configurations and front weights / hinges;
- Redesigned cockpit and mirrors;
- Clean log;
- Fully supported by JHHG Modding "Helicopter Tanks".

- 12 animations on IC scripts;
- ILS mouse controlled suspension;
- ILS system;
- Fully scripted interior (monitors, icons, lights, HUDs, dashboards);
- Animations of inclusion;
- Entering animation;
- Realistic physics;
- Many moving parts with separate functions;
- Lights with reciveShadows;
- All standard features.

Authors: Giants, Custom Modding, SiiD Modding, JHHG Modding.

Version for Farming Simulator 2019 (v1.7.x):

- Added support for "Simple IC";
- Animation of opening / closing / locking / unlocking with sounds;
- External animation IC;
- Improved specular and normal maps;
- Key Animation on all vehicles;
- Fixed animation of orange Numbers dashboard;
- New icons;
- Completely removed the IC script from additional sources;
- Reduced file size;
- Fixed wipers animation.

JHHG Modding

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