Reisch RD130 u. RD150 / RD150 A 3-way tipper

Three tippers in the shop / RD130, RD150 and RD150 A
- Different tires can be selected
- New decals created
- Optionally with and without fenders
- Rims color choice
- Selectable tarpaulin and available in three colors

Admission to the district office takes place directly through the pillepalle shop
Capacity: Reisch RD130 / 13000 liters, Reisch RD150 / 15000 liters, Reisch RD150-A / 16500 liters

Reisch RD130 / 14700 €
Reisch RD150 / 18300 €
Reisch RD150-A / 19400 €
plus painting, conversion and transport costs

! NO brochure realism!
! Pendants do NOT correspond 100% to the original model!

Special thanks for the permission goes to Kasztan18 (Giants-Modhub).

Project implementation: Dani-86, Butters
Other contributors: Bremi456, Paddel, Hunter4987, Agromike
Model: Zasław Kipper / Kasztan18
BKT tires: Speedy77 / JD7530-Chris
Lizard Radial Rotation: BM Modding
Images: Lukas2002 and Flowrider86
Tester: FBM team

Team FBM

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DOWNLOAD (22.27 MB, workupload)

Team FBM