Fortschritt HLS 130.11 Semitrailer

The Fortschritt HLS 130.11 is a two-axle semi-trailer for the transport of bulk goods with a W50. It is available as a two-way tipper (ZSK) and as a heavy chop body (SHA).
The ZSK can transport all types of fruit, the loading volume is 13.000 liters, the SHA can transport silage with a loading volume of 25.000 liters, with the HLS100 / 27 slurry tanker it is possible to transport slurry or fermentation residues to the field or to spread them on the field.
All semi-trailers have a configuration for color, tires and hose connections.

HLS 130.11 ZSK
- Price: 7850 €
- Loading volume: 13.000 liters

HLS 130.11 SHA
- Price: 9200 €
- Loading volume: 25.000 liters

HLS 100/27 slurry
- Price: 5000 €
- Loading volume: 10.000 liters

- HLS 100/27 slurry tanker added

Grabfeldschmiede / Ingo376

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