- Power: 470-590 h/p
- speed: 90 km/h
- color selection (main, rims)
- engine and wheel selection
- animation dashboard
- register truck
- cablight
- tow hitch
- beacons
- washable

Credits: FSMTeam

Changelog v1.2.7

- Motor data fixed, now it should fit

Changelog v1.2.6

- replaced SchemaOverlay
- SchemaOverlay Trailer Position fixed
- Motor power increased
- New engine to choose from

Changelog v1.2.5

- Xenon light installed
- Selectable license plate installed
- Trac wheels selectable in the shop
- Rim color selection limited
- Renewed saddle plate
- Speed increased to 90km / h

Changelog v1.2.4

- Main collision renewed
Now there should be no more problems with the support legs of the semi-trailers

Changelog v1.2.3

- Flag script removed (error on the Dedi server!)
- Added LED light sources


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