- Fully Standalone 3D model of the truck!
- Sold in showrooms MAN.

- Clean the log by 99.9% [percent].
- Fixed some bugs.
- Added new logo MAZ!
- Fixed GPS navigation and onboard computer.[v1.33.2s & above]
- Changed the configuration of the chassis and physics under the new version.[v1.33.2s & above]
- Changed the configuration of the painting to a new version.[v1.33.2s & above]
- Added new metallic colors - 29 names.
- Has its own tuning.
- New engines and an updated sound for the truck MAZ!
- Written in the company and a gallery of trucks!.
- Added DLC of SiSLs Mega Pack.

Truck 3D model: JAWA. Envelope for the game, animation: Stas556. Registration: Mishanka. Sound: Kriechbaum, Dark_Wolf. Adaptation and fine-tuning: _69_mf_. Adaptation for 1.27: Phantom94, vovangt4 Adaptation for 1.32 and addition cables of Kolianchik Adaptation and correction for 1.35, 1.36: Leha72

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