FORD F800 V1.0.0.0

Hello everyone!
Since this is my last mod release for fs19, I thought I'd relive an old project of mine!
This F800 was first shown back in September of 2020, I thought I’d take a hit at it again. And it turned out pretty good!
It’s not the best model in the world, But I did what I could to make it look decent and usable.
And here it is! Close to a year later. As a loud, Noisy, Sluggish 8V farm truck!
It does offer some features, Like Custom sounds(They're just okay, It's my first time doing them), Full interior, Engine model, Wheel options..
I think that's about it that I can say about it other than to have fun, And let me know if you find any issues with the mod.
Have a wonderful rest of your guy’s day!

Fleetwood Modding

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DOWNLOAD (127.7 Mb,