FS22 GOLISZEW V1.0.1.0

Hello everyone. Map Goliszew remake from FS19, welcome to the fields of Goliszew.

Update Log: 1. 0. 1. 0.

-added more trees script, now you can place more trees without limitation

-Fixed all errors and warnings (clean log)

-access to some fields has been improved and added

-gates have been added to the starting farm

-added an exit gate at the pig farm site

-geo Poland (spring cereals) was added, unfortunately without rapeseed.

At this time, this is the last update due to the game being updated to version. This update causes all additional textures on the map to be shuffled (mixed up). This means that if you open the map in the editor, the textures will not be applied correctly, and many textures on the map will need to be re-created, making it easier to make the map from scratch. There will probably be a new version in the future but I will wait for more updates from the Giants.

- four farms to live on. You can own all four at the same time.

- in addition, each culture to be purchased separately

- activation of objects after purchasing an area (land)

- all production facilities available in the basic version of the game plus the brewery modification

- for those who do not want to run a farm but only have fun, cultivate the land and harvest crops extra company to perform orders and contracts AGRO-AS.

- many of the buy-sites on the map introduce price variation.

And you can find much more on the map.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to set up the manure board in the configuration I wanted and we have to set it up from within the game. There are designated (painted) example locations but the choice is yours. Fences are not allowed on the map I am trying to fix this problem.

I wish you a lot of fun on the map.

Thanks to Luki-El, Prezes Gaming, myro7771, and all the modders whose modifications I used on this map.


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