TALBACH 2K22 V1.0.3.0


Another update of the map is ready. You can read what's new and what's changed below.


Removed large vehicles from the missions

Created new soilmap for the map

XML fixes & adjustments

MP XML removed due to problems... New courtyards have to be created by yourself again

New decorations installed by Landbauer (see link below)

Added liquid manure pit at Kuhhof for intermediate storage of liquid manure / fermentation residues


Downloaded file MUST be unzipped.

There you will find the map and another ZIP for your savegame for Precision Farming.

Instructions can be found in the attached readme for installation.

Flower Deco Pack: Farmer ( FBM: https://forbidden-mods.de/filebase/file/33053-fbm22-blumen-deko-pack/)

Decoration Pack 2: Farmer ( FBM: https://forbidden-mods.de/filebase/file/33052-fbm22-landbauer-decoration-pack-2-prefab/)


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DOWNLOAD (302.7 MB, modsbase.com)