JOHN DEERE DB120 V1.0.0.0

Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: DB120 48-Row 30"
Model year: 2012
Type: Planter
Price: 345,000$
Working width: 36.5m (120ft)
Working speed: 15kph (9mph)

The John Deere DB120 was made in Paton, Iowa. Upon its release
in 2009, it is the largest production planter in the world. It has a 120
feet (36.5 m) wide tool-bar and plants 48 rows which are 30 inches (760 mm) apart.
It is estimated that the planter should sow 90 to 100 acres (0.40 km2) per hour at 5
to 5.5 miles per hour ground speed. This means that in a 12-hour day it will plant
almost two sections of land. John Deere claims that the planter is 30% more productive
than their 36 row DB90 planter. To transport such an incredibly wide implement, the DB120
folds into five sections . The planter weighs in at over 20 tons empty and almost 24 tons
when loaded with seed. The DB120 had a limited release in 2009 with orders being taken for
the 2010 season. It retailed at (US)$345,000 dollars. In 2020, the base price on the
John Deere website was over $500,000.

- Realistic vacuum air blower Sounds,
- Realistic folding animations,
- Realistic speed of folding animations,
- Configurable No-Till with Row Cleaners,
- Configurable liquid Fertilizer,
- Separate, change-position particleAnimations,
- True working pressure gauges,
- Tanks Configurations,
- Wheels Configurations,
- Wheels brands Configurations,
- Work lights Configurations,
- Starfire GPS Configurations,
- Rear attachment Configurations,
- Row Cleaners Configurations,
- Wing Wheels Configurations,
- Liquid Fertilizer set Configurations,
- Wheels wing covers Configurations,
- Rear vacuum air blower Configurations,
- Liquid Fertilizer hose for liquid carts compound with Liquid Fertilizer set and Rear attachment,
- All Realistic values,
- All real placed dynamicHoses,
- Flexable dynamicHoses,
- 1:1 Realistic models and details,
- Over 1300 moveable elements,
- All proper safety Lables and decals,
- Proper 2012 model year frames and details,
- All FS22 standards,
- Fully UDIM model (PBR Textures),
- Wearable and Wahsable,
- Realistic lights,
- Realistic prices,
- Realistic sounds,
- Realistic particle animations,
- High quality Speculars and Normal Maps textures.
- Unverferth conveyor configuration for refill,
- New realistic open cover animations,
- More realistic dirt textures.

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