From the inventors of the round baler comes a set of powerful and innovative machines for Farming Simulator 22: Including the world’s first self-propelled baler, the Vermeer pack includes five efficient and unique machines by the international manufacturer from North America.

With the ZR5-1200 self-propelled baler by Vermeer, the first of its kind, you produce bales as fast as possible, with great comfort and maneuverability - but without the necessity of a tractor. Zero-turn capability and high transport speed saves you a lot of time on and between fields.

A trailed mower, a twin rake as well as a high-duty baler and a bale processor are also included in the Vermeer pack to round off the selection of sturdy machinery to make your grassland operation more efficient.
Release: August 23, 2022
This DLC is compatible with the Windows version (incl. Steam and Epic Games Store) and Mac OS X version (incl. Mac App Store) of Farming Simulator 22 (Update 1.7 or higher).

Farming simulator

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