Update 9/19:

Added compatibility for Maize Plus, no changes to the 2 V2 mods.

Conversion from 19 and updated to be more realistic.

There's two (2) download options.

One is the basic bagger that will work on any map. Converts grass and chaff to silage, and maize to mineral feed (like high moisture corn, needs separate bag from silage obviously)

The second one has Westby in the name and... you guessed it, its setup to work specifically with the Westby, WI 4x map available on MB Farm's page. This one converts chaff to silage, grass to grass silage, raw cornmeal to fermented cornmeal, and finally wet corn to fermented cornmeal (at a reduced conversion rate).

Both baggers function easily, back the bagger up to the bag pallet and attach it to start filling, make sure the logo on the box is facing the bagger. Not recommended to travel long distance with pallet on back, will cause some sliding. Once bag starts filling its almost impossible to move, except with Super Strength mods. Due to game limitations bag fills toward the back, opposite how a real bagger works. disconnect the bagger unit when done, you can now unload your silage. Drive up to open face with loader/skid steer/ whatever and your bucket will fill. Bucket must be "in" the face of the bagger to unload.

KNOWN BUG: some times it takes a second for the bucket to start filling when unloading the bag. BE PATIENT! It works. Fixed as of V2!

V2 Update 9/2

Thanks to Dr. Drulia for sorting out the unloading issue, fixing a few loose ends, and making the pallets function as they should. Should not effect bags already filled in saved games.

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