Fendt 1060 beta
It's still a beta
this is still the standard from FS19
many things are still standard from the Fendt Vario 1050
Unfortunately, I'm not finished with the Fendt 1000
You may (not) take the stuff out because I would have to ask 4 people (and that is, spoiler-turbocharger-forest cage-agribumper-antenna) to use the stuff
I built the rest myself.
if you want anything then (ask me first)
There are tractor pulls a lot of horsepower Different tires (also in there RDRS RDRA) the weights, extremely heavy, there are 3 different types. You can assemble them and much much more.
Improved rolls and brakes
improved suspension
and more swings in the cabin.
The inner camera rocks with it.
The Fendt 1060 has gears or without, but you can see that immediately.
It's good at drifting if you take the top speed if you take the strong hp
Max speed is between
Km/h 60
Km/h 80
Km/h 200
it may be that the file size is too big, but it runs smoothly for me. I have asked other people if the game is running smoothly and it is running
no errors, one warning in multiplayer but that's not the Fendt
this is the amazon citan15001c.

I've been building on it for a very long time
I put a lot of work and a lot of love into it
I wish you lots of fun with the Fendt 1000 Vario


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DOWNLOAD (386.6 MB, modsbase.com)