Starsow is located in Mecklenburg Vorpommern at the Mecklenburg Lake District.
Original replica of the area around Starsow
29 fields with a total of approx. 137 Acre
field sizes are from 0.3 - 17 Acre
10 forests for forestry work
3 lakes with some ditches
Dairy farm with 420 cows, 500 chickens
Pig farm 200 pigs,
Sheep farm 25 sheep,
Sheep pasture with 75 sheep
Cow pasture with 30 cows
Horse farm with 5 horses,
250 KW BGA with contractor hall.
Various productions
An industrial area with grain and oil mill, sugar factory and dairy.
Nursery with 5 greenhouses, beehive and buying station for lime, seeds and fertilizer
In the village there is also a windmill, country bakery and a carpenter
2 sales stations farmer's market and livestock trade
All standard fruits can be sold.
Prepared for Animal Grazing Mod

Toggrim/Zul Narash

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